This category and additionally got a couple subcategories: (1) Anxiety about emerging ailment, and you can (2) Anxiety about illness versus a supporter

Indeed, by the is a moms and dad, female have you to definitely love and be well-liked by inside retirement and you will, due to the fact only way being a mother during the Iran are discover married, the participants desired to marry

“… I always state thank God that we have always been compliment today, but what do i need to do basically go lower that have a beneficial situation subsequently? …” (58 yrs old).

“The only one which manages myself are my personal mommy, and if someday she passes away, who’ll take care of me when i get smaller with a sickness” (37 yrs old).


The key findings of the expose qualitative analysis was that never-hitched female aged 35 many years and you can elderly stated sorts of demands and you can inquiries. Specifically, answers produced about three trick themes: mental-religious use up all your, reform out-of community and you will area, and you may handicap-associated loneliness (each one of which had been made up of classes and subcategories). The results of one’s expose research include somewhat to the current books because participants’ feedback covered an over-all particular overlooked emotional, psychological, sexual, and you will personal needs and you will questions. All of the responses now offers an illustrative portrait out-of just how their demands and you can inquiries about community as well as its notice getting society and also the anyone within it to access them in different ways. Results are today talked about in detail.

Professionals within data desired to wed having a great companion, in order to become a mother, to love and be liked. Within value, the current results was consistent with the abilities advertised from the Greitemeyer (2009); this study indicated that single individuals feel lonely and need providers inside their public lives . Clear (2007) in addition to unearthed that single feminine had been stressed and you may worried about being alone, as well as their best matter was not which have any youngsters . The family is a vital source of support and you may intimacy certainly one of anyone , however, throughout the years, some one eradicate its parents and stay lonelier, so they want a person who enjoys them. Meanwhile, the necessity to end up being a mother or father seems to be inborn in the all women .

Research users also alarmed that they would continue to be single toward rest of the lifestyle and you may perform getting a burden to their family within old age. Meanwhile, they certainly were scared to go into towards the wrong marriages and you will and thus so you’re able to suffer its damage. Which searching for is actually similar to the data by Kajbaf (2008); in this data, never-hitched female quoted certainly one of its inquiries once the not looking good compatible companion over the years and therefore accepting relationship to the incorrect individual . In the Iran, women constantly accept their loved ones up to wedding. This development is even used in almost every other East communities such as Indonesia and Malaysia . Whenever mothers pass away, women can be either compelled to live with its sisters, and even whether they have a living, they feel he is a weight. Are an encumbrance for the anyone else reasons an impact away from thinking-hating, insignificance, a lowered feeling of that belong, and separation . Qaderzadeh (2017) revealed that never ever-partnered feamales in conventional societies are less likely to live on their own and you can, as they age, they think they are a weight to the household .

Mental rumination followed closely by like emotions because emotional insecurity, anxiety, guilt, and you will be sorry for out-of watching the brand new lives from married couples have been appear to found in the newest participants’ responses. Having intellectual defense is among the earliest human needs one to, if satisfied, will provide a person satisfaction . The results of ) studies indicated that hitched female considered a lot more emotionally safe than simply unmarried female . The cause of their mental shelter are probably as they sensed cherished, and that they got someone to assistance all of them to make essential ), married people scored better to the psychological state than american singles .

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