Ross phone calls Richard and you may wants approval however, Richard dodges the fresh new thing

The guy calls Luis and you can tells him to cope with the issue just before Agent Ross starts to link the brand new dots. Luis directs Marco to trace Cataleya down and asked the Colombian up to they results in their loved ones.

Danny returns and Cataleya bought dining. He’s delighted and you will Cataleya kisses him. Danny ends her and you can asks to sit, eat dining, and you may cam particular. She requires in the his travels in which he informs their own they want to-do a great gallery of their performs. Danny requires throughout the their travel and you can she said it absolutely was sizzling hot and she swimmed some. Danny presses to get more however, she’s unwilling. Danny informs her he simply desires to discover who the woman is. Danny asks exactly what she likes to own break fast. “I do not consume breakfast.” Cataleya claims. Danny and you can Cataleya bed to one another again. It’s now mid-day. Danny takes a quick pictures of Cataleya asleep. He wakes their own up with breakfast as well as informs their they can eat it for lunch. Cataleya freaks aside and claims she did too much and she must exit. Danny are flustered, wondering exactly what the heck the guy did incorrect.

He asks her to check “Jennifer” to be certain she actually is legitimate very Danny will not be damage

He could be livid, that have heard of report. Cataleya hasn’t avoided along with her calling card. Individuals are looking for all of them, exhibiting that 7 people were gunned off for the a bar, you to being a buddy from Emilio. “You may be retired.” Emilio informs their. Cataleya refuses to end however, Emilio says it is not just throughout the their own, it is regarding friends she’s got remaining, the woman is placing all of them at risk. When their young buck died, the guy slain people, however it changed absolutely nothing in which he place his nearest and dearest at stake. Emilio renders their own that have an image of their own parents, a reminder regarding exactly what can become forgotten. Cataleya is and you will whines.

Cataleya goes to church with Emilio and her granny. She seems to be ready to throw in the towel their particular pursuit of revenge.

Danny is at a restaurant speaking of their girlfriend “Jennifer” so you’re able to a pal stating they are losing to have their unique but the guy knows absolutely nothing on the her. The latest pal sees brand new pictures and that’s surprised about how hot she’s. Danny is actually sidetracked along with his car becoming ticketed thus his pal takes the device to the photos and you may phone calls their aunt during the law just who functions in the a police channel. The guy does not have any hint just what he’s got done.

Cataleya fits that have Emilio

Ross is at his computer system if it’s pinged that have Cataleya’s photo. He traces the brand new laws to the other cops channel, and has now the fresh new technician detained as they tune the brand new laws then. Ross measures up the new photos toward cover footage on prison and its own a complement. Cataleya ‘s the lady whom he or she is looking.

Cataleya goes house and you can calls Danny, trying to articulate just how she seems throughout the your. Danny mentions the new photographs and you can she freaks, inquiring whom otherwise spotted it. He says his friend because Cataleya checks the brand new edge from their apartment. SWAT is there to arrest her. She turns on the fresh new bath and you will climbs on an excellent duct so you can avoid from their apartment.

She works owing to numerous accommodations, and you may gets in you to. This new occupant tries to generate a fuss so she hits him aside. She recovers a harness and a great sniper rifle throughout the people’s restroom, she prior to now planted they truth be told there. She vegetation explosives for the wall surface because the Ross and his awesome agents blow the doorway so you can their own apartment. She spends the fresh new utilize to slide on the water pipes as a result of the latest driveway. She shoots from webcams and is able to slide towards the a new sky duct prior to SWAT finds out her. She results in the train and you can she sneaks aside.

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