Identifying Characteristics : Heavy trunk off a method peak, moderately curved eco-friendly actually leaves, some drooping pinnae

The newest palm possess a dirty greenish colour and looks thick and you can spherical. This new fruit is generally ovate round with relatively zero astringency or objectionable tannin season on Khalal stage.

Palm: Leaves light elm green which have a heavy whitish grow: Both the back have a small curvature nearby the top brought about because of the pounds off a heavy harvest. Leaf was much time and you may wider. Blade duration about 380 to help you 415 cm. Limitation leaf depth is at 70 cm. Leaf base is greater and you will solid.

Leaf basics: Broad, environmentally friendly makes that have old of those slightly narrow toward edges. Simple scurf on corners, extending together rachis towards the straight down knife.

Smallest string: ± thirty five cm; breadth and you may thickness step three

Spines: twenty eight to thirty-six into the count and safeguards approximately step one/5 of leaf. Is brief and you can narrow; length out of two to four cm; less than to 8 or twelve cm; significantly more than slender so you’re able to medium hefty; rachis direction regarding the fifteen° so you’re able to 40° (Contour 14). 3/4 of spines are by the few and in addition receive install within the a team of step three – 5 on each area of the stalk. Above these types of, you will find 5 – six split spines for each side, which happen to be lengthened and weightier as compared to earliest.

Pinnae: Is seemingly large and you will packed. Alternatively strong which have unexpected slight so you’re able to modest drooping. Length: sixty so you’re able to 72. Width: 4.5 so you’re able to 5.2 cm. Collection always when you look at the 2’s in the all the way down blade with some into the 3’s close midblade and you can significantly more than, very distinctive line of nearby the top.

Fruitstalk: Wide, much time and you can heavy. It is deep green within flower and you can gets greenish yellow to help you tangerine yellow at Khalal phase Moderate to moderate scurf into straight down bit. Fruitstalk length ± 150 cm, breadth and you may density quickly below fruiting lead 64 ? 26 mm. Period of fruiting direct ± 55 cm. Strands is actually mid dimensions and also have the exact same the colour because fruitstalk. Number of strands differs from ninety in order to 140. eight ? step three.0 mm; fruiting urban area ± 42 cm; amount of herbs ± forty-five. nine ? 2.eight mm; fruiting town ± twenty six cm; quantity of plant life ± 42.

Longest strand: ± 75 in order to 80 cm; depth and you will density 3

Fruit: Khalal the colour was opaque red-colored (± apricot reddish so you can near antimony reddish) internal colour of this new stack are soft; if you find yourself rutab are amber (intense sienna in order to emerald brown) and you will gets really flaccid and can easily be broke up about body. Grows toward a golden brown the colour in the early tamar stage (ripe). Brand new fresh fruit is actually medium sized. Profile generally ovate to help you a bit round (egg-shaped), commonly having an excellent wedge shaped taper regarding center so you’re able to bluntly indicated apex. Calyx hit bottom and you may a tiny submerged, rounded-triangular, constantly having 1 to 3 moderate trips for the eter (± twenty-five.4 mm); size ± thirty-two so you can 37 ? 23 so you’re able to 31 mm. Fresh fruit out-of thinned bunches is generally in the 31 mm enough time and you will twenty-seven mm greater (size so you’re able to thickness ratio is all about 1:15). Medium lbs (± 15 – 20g). Flavor rich and you may delicate having a reduced overall dissolvable solids (± 29 %); Flesh was dense and you may racy. At the rutab phase, the fresh new fruit is really sweet. Within tamar stage skin is wholly broke up about skin, except in the calyx. The skin is greyish reddish plus the flesh seems to lose its transparency and you can can become brilliant so you’re able to dark brown (Contour fifteen).

Seed: The new seeds fills the complete quantity of the brand new vegetables hole. Light brown in order to wood brownish; oblong, somewhat broad more than middle, a little tapered to the blunt top. It’s brief and you will greater, (18 to 23 ? 8.cuatro so you can ten.5 mm). Germ pore central otherwise almost so and certainly will be certainly seen at the center off seed’s dorsal front. Furrow aren’t medium wide and depth. White seed products lbs (± 0.88g) and you can a premier pulp: vegetables proportion (± ) (Figure fifteen).

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